Empowering Dreams: Your Trusted Guide to JEE and NEET Success

About Us

The institute was established in the year 2009 with the desire to make the student feel what success is all about.The brain behind this venture is of Er. Vinay Bhargav, a person who feels that teaching is the most sacred profession in this existence.Our motto is not only preparing students for an exam, rather preparing them successfully for all exams. The faculty members are wholeheartedly involved in their work with a feeling that ‘A teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image.We feel that each individual has an inherent potential to transform any dream into reality so we are working to prepare students to transform their dreams into reality.

We at Bhargav Tutorials by imparting lessons help students in motivation, time management, clarify of fundamental concepts, grasping detailed intricacies of all the topics, scanning weak areas of students & building greater confidence & ability to complete with cutting edge over others.Therefore, it is needless to say, the endeavour to nurture & enrich the level of education will be our unvariable feature along with changes for the be

Mission & Vission

Our Vision is to become a leading Education Service provider Company of the Country. In the near future, BHARGAV TUTORIALS intends to expand its footprints so as to become a leading Coaching Institute of DELHI for entrance to top Engineering and medical colleges of INDIA.

 BHARGAV TUTORIALS intends to fill the supply side gap in education sector by providing a platform for budding edupreneurs to unleash their innovative skills while remaining committed to the cause of development of human potential.To give valued services in the field of education.To participate in different spheres of education, at different stages. Education with Values.


The strength of BHARGAV TUTORIALS, is its expert and experienced faculty, meticulously chosen to maintain the best standards in teaching. They are a treasure trove of knowledge with sound credentials and well-versed with the CBSE and competitive examination pattern and requirement of students to face the challenges with confidence. The faculty team is devoted to backup the value-driven objective and enhancing the chances of success of the students and find the route that will lead to the best outcome.

The team of B.T ensures to meet the challenge of intellectual endeavors required by the integrated system of education and at the same time to fulfill the expectations and aspirations of the high quality students who are admitted to the Institute from all over India. The teachers are always ready to contribute to the on going process of formulating more effective techniques of teaching and evaluation and developing interdisciplinary courses and instructional materials which the system demands. The regular rise in results and the culture of continuous academic research and development are reflectors of the desire of BHARGAV TUTORIALS academic team to excel not only for themselves but also for those who trust them.

A team with a commitment to promote Excellence and Perfection in teaching and enhance the success of every student.


The BHARGAV TUTORIALS is having Spacious Classrooms with architecture for proper acoustics, ventilation with proper lighting and air cooling system.TheState-of-Art Infrastructural facilities housed within the premises to complement teaching.

BHARGAV TUTORIALS intends to fill the supply side gap in education sector by providing a platform for budding edupreneurs to unleash their innovative skills while remaining committed to the cause of development of human potential.

• To give valued services in the field of education.
• To participate in different spheres of education, at different stages.Education with Values..


Dear Students, Everyone is aware of the fact that education is the base of life & getting the best education is everyone’s dream. However, for the fulfillment of this dream, one needs to perfectly motivated so as to fit himself in this highly competitive field. To achieve this one needs to be firm, patient & passionate towards his target.

In today’s scenario institutes are preparing students by keeping in view only Entrance Exams but they don’t consider the performance of the students in CBSE resulting in devastating performance in CBSE curriculum leading to lack of confidence while going for Entrance Exams or even quitting the preparation.

Whereas I as an Educationist personally feel that the student needs to be perfect in CBSE curriculum & then go for Entrance Exam. I am proud that we as an organisation consider the importance of CBSE curriculum. So we first train the students for CBSE so that they secure above 90% marks in Boards & then with high spirits appear in Entrance Exams.

Our understanding of the students needs’ at different stages of the preparation is the guiding force behind the structure & methodology of each course. Also our genesis lies not only in any coincidence but an urge to set standards of excellence in hunt for our goal.

Keeping all this in mind, I dedicate ‘Bhargav Tutorials’ as a pathway which can lead you to the domain of success under the guidance of honoured faculty members who work with students wholeheartedly.

So I welcome you all aspirants who want to achieve their targets.

Wishing you a bright future.

Managing Director